The next few months are going to be months, no, DAYS of reflection. Not just reflection on the past but specifically self reflection. “How I came to be the person I am today?” “Who have been the biggest influences in my life?” “Who has made the most positive impact on my life up until this point?” You know, the kind of questions that one asks themselves when they’re approaching a pivotal time in their life. Graduations, marriage, new life, death, New Years, and birthdays usually summon these grand thoughts.

This year I depart my lovely 20s. Agh, I love my youth. I love my 20s!

I am completely aware that I am allowing myself to be dramatic about a number, but I have always been one who needs to experience things first hand or “learn from my own mistakes”. This isn’t any different. All of my thirty year (and then some) old friends can tell me all they want about how 30 is just a number, but it’s more than that to me and I know I’m not alone who thinks this. My 30s will be entirely different than my 20s and I’ll never get my 20s back damn it. I know I’ll rock at being 30. Because that is what I do. But I would be lying if I said I won’t miss being 24, or better yet 27.

This first entry is a cheers to some of the recent greatness I’ve had the opportunity to experience in this past decade of my life. I’m going to continually challenge myself to savor every moment, every minute, every day, every month, and every year. Because they are right, whoever they are, LIFE IS TOO SHORT.

24 year old Sarah Pearl


Sarah Pearl

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